About LFA


Lutheran Film Associates is a joint undertaking by the two main strands of U.S. Lutheranism — the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  The activity of producing and marketing films has been carried out by different agencies created for specific purposes in this period of time: Lutheran Church Productions, Inc., Lutheran Film Associates and Lutheran Film Associates Productions, Inc.  Begun by leaders in the United Lutheran Church in America and the National Lutheran Council, a preliminary group proposed the Martin Luther motion picture. The surprising success of that project led to wide distribution and subsequent films.  The first group, Lutheran Church Productions, along with LFA Productions, Inc., merged into Lutheran Film Associates in the early 1960s.  A companion corporation in Germany, Lutherfilm GmbH, was established with German Lutheran churches to facilitate the preparation and distribution within Germany of the German versions of Martin Luther and Question 7.  Ownership of these films was conveyed by LFA to Matthias-Film GmbH, operated by Evangelical Churches in Germany (EKID).  LFA continues to exist as a production and distribution facility for Lutherans in the United States for films, TV programs and videos.  Further information on currently available titles can be obtained and orders placed through LFA’s official distributor, Vision Video. Stories of their production and public and press reception (including some controversies) and present status — can be found in the Archives of Cooperative Lutheranism, located in the ELCA Archives.
Productions not currently available include Martin Lutero (Spanish sound track version of the classic film), Burchfield’s Vision and A Parade of Witnesses.